Helpful Hints for Interviews

DO Make eye contact, firm handshake, introduce yourself. First impressions are formed in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone.
DO Dress appropriately, suit or ensemble, nice pants and collared shirt clean and pressed.
DO Have a 30 second summary of experience and skills ready to roll off your tongue when a potential employer says, "Tell me about yourself."
DO Present yourself well groomed, hair combed and nails clean.
DO Be prompt and on time for the interview (at least 10 Minutes).
DO Thank the potential employer for their time and send a thank you note the same day you interview.
DO Sit up straight in your chair, arms uncrossed.
DO Provide a professional resume.
DON'T Wear heavy perfume, smoke a cigarette or eat strong smelling food right before an interview.
DON'T Chew gum during the interview.
DON'T Ramble on and give more information than asked for.
DON'T Put down former employers and supervisors.
DON'T Wear revealing clothes, excessive baggy pants, t-shirts with offensive words or pictures.
DON'T Lean on the desk of the person interviewing you.
DON'T Wear things like sunglasses or hats.
DON'T Forget good manners while talking to a potential employer.