Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay a fee?

No. You are paid the hourly rate you and Workco Staffing Service agree upon. The only thing taken out of your pay check is the usual payroll taxes.

How do I get registered?

Call today and we will set up an appointment for you to come in and fill out an application. Some of the jobs and companies we work with require job specific testing therefore always plan on a little extra time. You will then go through an interview with our Human Resource Coordinator to discuss what you are looking for and any openings we may have for you at that time.

What should I bring?

When you come for your appointment you must bring two forms of identification to prove your identity and that you are eligible to work in the US, such as Drivers License and Social Security Card. Also, be sure to bring the names and addresses of previous employers for job history and for reference page, and a resume if you have one.

How soon will I get a job?

That question has several variables including the type of job you are looking for, the pay rate that you will go to work for and the job market at that particular time. Some people literally come in one day to register and have a job when they leave. Some people it takes a bit longer.

What does Temp-To-Hire mean?

Temp-To-Hire is basically a trial period for you and for the company you go to work for. It gives you 500 hours or approximately 90 days to see if you will like working there before you make a long-term commitment. It also gives you the chance to get your foot in the door so the company can see you in action.

Does Workco Staffing Service only provide Temporary work?

No. Workco Staffing Services specializes in matching employees to all types of jobs. The majority of our jobs are temp-to-hire but we also have positions for the people who only want temporary work for a more flexible schedule.

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