Staffing Agencies Are Not All The Same

They have a pool of applicants that meet your criteria
WORKCO has a 20 year database of applicants

They will recruit continuously for new applicants
WORKCO is always inventing new ways to recruit

They employ in-house HR Certified and or Certified Staffing Professionals
WORKCO has both CSP and HR certified employees

They have staff employed longer then 2 years
WORKCO staff tenure is 10+ years

They have been in business longer then 5 years
WORKCO is going on 30 years in business

They always have a human to talk with not just a machine
WORKCO will always answer the phone or pager

They have the ability to offer flexible billing options and reports
WORKCO does offer billing options and reports

They believe in being part of and giving back to their community
WORKCO always donates time and money